Sunday, November 29, 2009

On my soap box

I just have to tell every one that the tree you see in my living room is a FAKE!

I do not condone, or will I NEVER, kill a live tree to decorate my living room!!!!!

How could I call myself a witch, and kill a living tree???

I don't care if they are raised for chopping down/or if someone else cuts them down!!!!!!.... maybe if less people buy live tree's they would be free to grow and live!!!!

Sorry, my opinion, everyone does what they want, but in my mind and heart, I can't kill something that's alive and green!

I will gather branches that are in the way and have to be pruned, or have fallen off, to decorate or make wreaths...

Hence, why I gather pine cones to fill the house with the Christmas smell.


Mother's Moon's Message said...

good for you girl... could not agree with you more... Last year I puchase a small pine that was potted. I kept it in the house for the month of December... mainly because I love the smell yet as soon as possible it was planted in my yard... Like you if I cant plant it, I wont use it... and that doesnt just pertain to trees... spoken like a true tree lover

Rue said...

I've tried buying live potted trees and both times they died on me while indoors. I have little light here in the winter, and they just don't make it.

I understand your statements but politely disagree as I do use a real tree. That said - I think if we consume something it should be used/reused/recycled as completely as possible.

For example, if I buy a tree (which I won't this year as I'm moving) I would buy it from a charity like the Scouts of Canada. Then I strip many of the boughs after Christmas and place them in my gardens for sheltering my tender plants from the January freezing temps.

The remainder of the tree goes to our local fire dept. (with another donation) to be turned into mulch that is sold back to the city for our gardens. This money also goes to the fire dept. for their equipment fundraising efforts.

My garden survives another hard freeze, and I compost the boughs in the Spring. I then grow beautiful food and flowers in my garden next year. The cycle continues. I don't believe in waste, or senseless killing of animals or trees - but I do consume Nature's gifts with mindfulness and thanksgiving.

I completely appreciate the decision to put up a fake tree (as long as it's recyclable and doesn't get tossed in the landfill) and to not eat meat. I respect anyone's well thought out choices even if I don't feel the same way.

I know you will have much joy with your tree!