Wednesday, July 28, 2010

boring things around the house

Sometimes I wonder about myself! Yes, indeed I do. Like this morning, at 5 am, I was sitting on the road in front of my house...WEEDING! Yep! WEEDING!

The thin crack between the cement gutters and the road had weeds and grass growing in it. I can't stand weeds!!!!

So I'm out there, with a steak knife.... don't laugh, steak knives make great weeders in thin places..... pulling up all the weeds in front of my driveway!!
If you blow up the picture, you'll see the weeds in my neighbors driveway, and across the street.... but not in front of my house!!!! OCD???? Maybe, but I like things looking nice!

And here's Matt shopping list for Rutgers. Not a huge list, but stuff is slowly getting crossed off!

And the line up of my bottles, all cleaned and ready for my full moon water's that I make each year

And that darn avocado plant, that's growing like crazy!


Jo said...

Hello via Frog on the Pumpkin & from a fellow NJean! I find nothing odd or wrong with weeding at 5am... Although, I am a gardener, so perhaps, I may be a little biased in this area! Beautiful background! :-)

The Frog Queen said...

Look at that plant go!!! And I totaly hear you on the weeds...I would be the same way :D


Leeanna said...

Hey girlfriend, only the best gardeners weed with steak knives. I know I do.