Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eat dirt and die!

Murphy, and his stupid laws should eat dirt and die!!!

I'm so tired of being caught up in them!!!

Like today, I want to hang a shelf, so I go get those little saw tooth thingies that you hang pictures with.... you know them!

Everyone has like a zillion of them hanging around the house in odd places!!! Right?

I need 3 of them, just 3, out of the zillion laying around the house.... I can only find 2!!! TWO, JUST FREAKING, TWO!!!! I know I have more, I've seen them tucked in junk drawers and tool boxes (I have 3 tool box's!!)

But, because I WANT THREE, only 2 will show up. Looking thru drawers, tool boxes, jewelry box's, every place I can think of..... no more little saw tooth thingies!!!!

And case in point, my bathroom cabinets..... decided to change the handles.... simple, count the amount of handles needed, run to hardware store, pick out new ones.... right? Found the perfect ones, BIG HUGE BIN FULL OF THEM!!!!

Miscounted, one short, ran back to store (THIS IS IN THE SAME DAY!!!) BIN EMPTY!!!! No more handles.... someone came in and bought like 50 of them!!!!! And the store has never gotten them back in stock????????? So I have one drawer without a handle!!!!!

This happens to me ALL THE TIME!!

Just watch, I can't find my prescription sun glass's!!! Summers here, and I need them. I have torn the house apart looking for them!!!

Now I know, the minute it starts snowing outside, I WILL FIND THEM!!! ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I personally think it's Trolls! Little, dirty, stinking Trolls!!!!!


Leeanna said...

It also never fails!! Just when you go and buy something to replace what you couldn't find... you open up a drawer to put the new stuff in it and out pops the stuff you were looking for. Don'tcha just hate when that happens?

VintageSage said...

Oh and I've had issues with some mischievous fairies so don't discount those little tricksters! I know how you feel!! Take a deeeeeep breath. Lol