Friday, July 02, 2010

Spell Bottle

I was looking in my book of shadows, and I found an old spell for making "spell bottles".

My grandmother collected bottles of all types! Tall, short, wine, cider, bottles, just bottles. She wouldn't clean them up, if it was a soda bottle, she would leave some soda in it, and so on! Then she would store them for what she called Bottle spells.

Think back when you were a kid, if you ever saw a house with broken glass in front of it, or a store with a broken bottle next to it, etc.... the people there could have had a spell bottle taken to them.

It's really quite simple, and doesn't need anything besides a bottle with a cap or cork. Find a spell you would like to use.... and sit in quiet with the bottle in your hands... open.

then you lean down and recite the spell into the bottle... just once, and without any additional stuff the spell says to have. (you know most of the time, stones, feathers, or other hoop ha is just for show... all you really need is the WORDS!)

With your last word, breath a full breath into the bottle, and cap it!

Then it's "OH DEAR!" time. You take the bottle, and get as close as you can get to the person, building, etc.

And accidentally DROP the bottle on something hard!!! "OH DEAR! LOOK WHAT I'VE DONE!!! I'M SUCH A CLUMSY IDIOT!!"

Of course you shouldn't try to clean it up!!! All that broken glass could cut you... act flustered if someone see's you... they will agree with you that you could cut yourself... just leave it!

And there you have a bottle spell. Out in the open, where anyone can see it... and know one will be the wiser to what you've just done!!


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