Saturday, July 03, 2010

I would like to add......

Most people think of the witch trials as ONLY the ones in Salem!


All over Europe it is estimated that 50-80 THOUSAND, women were killed during the hysteria in Europe....

50 TO 80 THOUSAND!!!!!!

More then the entire population of London at the time!!!!

And those were only the ones that there are court records for!!!!!!

This was NOT an isolated event in a town in the new world!!!


Dirgesinger said...

And not only women, I must add. For example, and just to take only the most famous example in my very little country, in 1728 12 witches were burnt at the stake and 3 drowned in the city of Szeged because of accusations of selling the rain to the Turks. The monograph of Hungarian witch trials (and only those accounted for, and documented!) take up as I know 3 volumes, about a thousand pages each.