Friday, July 23, 2010

Hanging around

Because of the intense heat wave here.... lots of my herbs are starting to bolt way before time!!!

I noticed the peppermint was getting ready to flower, and ran out and cut down the branch's close to flowering, and hung them in the kitchen with my lavender!

My house plants have shown their application for my kitchen windows by growing totally out of control!!! Love the plants, but now it's hard to sit and eat in comfort with them!!!!

Especially since they seem to be trying to grab the food off my plate!!!!!

I guess from now on, I'll eat in the dinning room?


The Frog Queen said...

LOL! Grabbing food off your plate! Don't you hate when that happens? :D


Leeanna said...

Charge them room and board. ahahahahaahahahahaaa !!!

Leeanna said...

Oh Juuuudiiith... I am giving you an award darlin'. I would have emailed the notice to you but my email server is screwed right now. Go figure. So go over to my blog and read the post on it and do the same thing I am doing to you. ahahahahaa No tags back. :P