Thursday, July 22, 2010


I realized I haven't said much about my "allergy reducing" diet in a while.

Yes, I'm still on it.

It's easy to be good when being bad makes you feel like shit.

I've had only 2 reactions to something in the last few months... one was a candy bar that I got at aldi's, and the other was a hamburger I ordered at Shore Leave. (100% beef my aunts ass!)

So far I've lost 45 pounds, I'm feeling GREAT!!! Trim (though I still have more to go... like another 40 lbs) but my energy is FANTASTIC.

Another plus, was the fact I had constant ear infections..... I would have an allergy attack, my ears would block up, and ZAPPO! one ear infection........ but since the diet started.... NOT ONE INFECTION!!!

And, before, for me to go more then a month without one was a miracle, now I don't even remember what they felt like.

Oh, and something stupid..... my shoe size went from 8 to a size 6!!!!! Gotta be the only woman in the world to lose weight in her feet!!!

I think my body is fighting me..... so It's making me lose weight from the floor up. giggle

It's not easy giving up all the wonderful foods I used to eat, but when I know now that they were making me feel so bad.... I wonder why I kept eating them!

Like my sister who tested Pos for wheat allergy, and refuses to give up the cookies and cake, and wonders why she feels so lousy!!! I try to talk to her about it, but she refuses to hear me......

But, I'm happy, and I'm sorry to say....THAT'S WHAT COUNTS! GIGGLE


VintageSage said...

Wow congrats on losing 45 lbs!! That's wonderful....but yea, I've never heard of someone losing weight in their feet. That's a first for me but who cares, it's great! I wish I had a diet for my feet. I hate being a size 9!