Friday, November 02, 2012


Well folks I survived that nasty ass Sandy!!! 

But not by much.  Although there wasn't any great damage to my house.... we were without power for 4 days! 

Unfortunately, not so for my beautiful Seaside Heights!!!!  This is one of the rides on the boardwalk... it's gone, all gone, miles of boardwalks and games and rides, restaurants!!!  Ruined when Sandy slammed into us!!  It's going to take a long time to rebuild.

I never understood how much a hot bath meant to me, till I couldn't get one!!!  And TV, Goddess I MISSED TV!!!!!

I was washing dish's by boiling water on the gas stove (THANK THE GODDESS FOR A GAS STOVE!!!!!)  and then pouring it over the dish's and rinsing in the cold water.

I was cooking everything!!!!  No elec, no freezer or fridge... stuff was totally ruined!!!!  I cooked what I could, and the rest went out to the garbage. (and they still haven't picked up the garbage!)

I wound up going to bed by 8 PM, because it was dark, and there was nothing to do..... and trying to fall asleep in the silence.... let me tell you, it was weird!! 

Usually I have a fan on, or the computer is chirping away, or I hear the TV my son Matt is watching...... but all the was was dead silence!!!!  Spooky as shit!!!

We did have running water, and the toilets flushed.... but that was it.... and it was COLD, COLD, COLD!!!!

Daylight just meant that the sun would come out and warm up the house a bit.

And let me tell you..... MY SON IS NOT GOOD WHEN HE'S BOARD!!!!  He had nothing to do, no video games or TV, and he was pacing back and forth trying to keep warm... AND HE WAS TALKING TO ME!!!!  TALKING, AND TALKING AND TALKING!!!!  I thought I was going to go nuts!!!!

The cat didn't seem to mind at all, he likes the colder weather.... but I shivered constantly!!!

But, for me the power came on after 4 days, though a lot of the shore area is still dark.  I had friends over today to do their wash, and plug in and power up all their stuff... computers, phones...

Not that it mattered with cell phones, since almost all the towers are down! So still no cell service!

There's so much more.... but I'm too depressed to go into it all, but suffice to say... we SURVIVED... and I will be posting soon!


Linda Wildenstein said...

I for one am very glad to hear from you. I have been concerned with my candles lit and my thoughts have been with all my Jersey girls here on the blogosphere. I just can't imagine how awful all this has been for you and so many others.
Glad you are safe. Oma Linda

Leeanna Henderson said...

I was hoping the reason you weren't on was because of the outage. Thank the Goddess you are safe g/f. I still have 2 more friends to keep candles lit for. no answers from them yet. Hope they are fine.