Sunday, November 04, 2012


During our emergency with Hurricane Sandy... I watched people... and the stupidity was amazing!  You have to learn to survive.

Getting supplies:

Don't go to walmart or one of the chain stores for storm supplies.... go to a SPORTING GOOD STORE!  I watched people line up at walmart, and across the street at the sporting goods store... NO ONE!

And even though people were at walmart... I watched them shopping and no one, NO ONE went into the sporting goods isles... except me...

There, I picked up a  camp heater that runs on propane, propane tanks, and all kinds of heating for water and such... plus purifying tablets and bottles.. and tons more... and I was the only one there!!!!

You need to think outside of the box people!!!

My son made me go to walmart to get coffee.... and they were out... he was so pissed..... but I said "Wait", lets go somewhere where no one is thinking of...

and off we went to Wallgreens Pharmacy.... TA DA  COFFEE, lots of it! Also other canned goods! (you might spend more then at the major chains, but they had plenty, cause people NEVER think of getting it there!) They had lots of bread, batteries, flashlights, and although no milk... they had cremora!!!!

Sometimes you have to break away from the herd, and head out on your own to survive!  Look for supplies in out of way places... not the main ones people head for!

And note, and remember, stores that have their own generators!   Most Drug stores do, B.J.'s does also!  They will be up and running when everyone else is dark!

And make sure, if you hear a major storm is coming, that you run to the bank and get CASH!  Lots of places won't be able to process credit cards because of power problems... but CASH will always work!

I know lots of people now a days (me included) use their debit cards for everything... but think cash when you are preparing!

Take some time in during this aftermath to think, and consider, where and what to get in case it happens again... and run out and get the stuff NOW!  Don't wait till it's too late.

My son and I are going to stock up NOW, and this way, if it happens again.... not a problem.

Things you'll need:

Canned foods (meats, meals, veggies...stuff like canned hams and tuna fish etc!)

HAND HELD CAN OPENER!  Most important!

Some kind of camp heater, there are lots of them out there

Camp cooker that runs on propane

Some kind of water purifier, or bottled water

First aid kit

Batteries (lots of them)

Radio (one that runs on batteries)

Flash lights, or battery run camping lanterns

Extra blankets

Sit down NOW and make a list, and then go out and get it.... stuff happens fast, or may not happen for years.... but after Hurricane Sandy, I'm not taking that chance again!


Leeanna Henderson said...

You are so damned smart you make my brain hurt. ha ha ha! Really g/f, I would have never thought of sporting goods stores.
Hope everyone out there sees this and hurries to shop. There is a nasty Nor'easter heading up the Eastern Seaboard and I have a feeling the problems are going to mount.