Thursday, November 22, 2012

Vanilla Extract

The thing is…  there really is a difference between good vanilla and mediocre vanilla extract.

But do we really have any idea what’s in those vanilla extracts we buy?

And isn’t it always just more fun to know exactly where something is coming from and saving a bunch of money while you’re at it??

This homemade vanilla extract is so incredibly simple!

You put a few fresh or dried Vanilla Beans  in a bottle and cover them with vodka.

 Let it sit for 2-3 months or more and you’ve got amazing homemade vanilla extract!

And the best part??  When you make vanilla extract this way, as the bottle gets low (say 1/3 of it is used up!), you just top it off with fresh vodka and there you go! 

Plus, find some really cute bottles, and they are great as gifts!!!


Leeanna Henderson said...

I make my own vanilla extract the same way. It's so much better too because there are no added chemicals except for the vodka.