Sunday, November 11, 2012

Preparing your salt

Some people use regular salt, some use kosher, it really doesn't matter what you use.  But you need to prepare salt used in invocations or rituals.
The best way to do this is pour a very large amount of the salt into a bowl.

On a bright sunny day, take it outside and place it in full sun. Leave it till the sun goes down, invoking it with the power of the sun.

Crystals so rare and white
gather the suns rays into your might
bask in the sun, from rise to down
and cleans all evil earth bound.

Then on the full moon night, take the bowl outside and allow it to sit under the full moon for 2 hours... no more, since the moon is very strong!

Moon light cleanse these crystals clear
charge them with your pure light
charge them with your might

Afterwards take the salt inside and place in a sealed container.  Use in ceremonies, to make your circle, clean your crystals.. etc.