Saturday, August 06, 2005


Friends too. There's a married couple I know, I'm not going to mention their names...But Mary and the rest of you can figure it out. I always invite them over. House warming, party's, lady's night...... And yet, though I live real close to them now...... Nadia, nothing.

They just had a bar-b-que last weekend, Mary and Dave went, and others............ Did they invite me????

You got it, nope. So, while it's going to be interesting...Since they are part of our "group" I'm done inviting, and being nice to them.

I do like the husband, but I feel so sorry for him. That women has him by the balls and is leading him around. She never supports him, constantly tells him that "She's" the breadwinner. Sometimes I wonder if he actually knows just how much she control's him! We all thought it was a wonderful match, and she was a sweet a can be, then she started turning in to a giant bitch who won't let him move an inch without her permission. Even so far as not letting him take care of his ailing parents!!!!!!

The wife is a vain, shallow women, who only thinks of her fake boobies (she's so afraid of sex that she thinks nothing of insulting friends about it).

So why do I keep seeing them.... Because they are friends of my friends. She's a belly dancer. You should see how stiff and spastic she is when she dances. I've never seen a belly dancer who moves like a fucking robot!!! (yes I know, you think it's envy. LOL but I used to belly dance, and I know others who do, you have to move, be sensual...... She's like an ice princess with an icicle up her ass! Giggle)

I mentioned to Mary a few weeks ago. Even though we have all hung out together for YEARS. Never once did that Bitch call me on the phone!!!! Not once!!!!! All the planning and such has gone thru other people. She has never picked up a phone to call me for any reason!!!!! Why did I ever think she was my friend??? Because I'm stupid, stupid, stupid.

I treat people how I would like to be treated by them....But when that doesn't happen..... I over look it, forgive it, and move on.

Forgiving is good, but there has to be a limit to how much you can forgive and forget!!! Doesn't there?????

I would rather invite the Devil over for Tea, then invite them to anything I do again. And that's what's going to happen. NO MORE