Saturday, August 27, 2005

Busy Work

Well, I went thru the boxes of Christmas and fall decorations from my mom's house.

Most of it wasn't really usable. Broken, old, and falling apart.

I did manage to salvage some straw baskets shaped like pumpkins, but not much else. I also looked thru some of the Christmas decorations.

One Wreath was FANTASTIC. All pretty boxes decorated with sequins.....Unfortunately the rest of the decorations were wrapped candies..... And someone failed to tell my Mom that wrapped candies kept in an un-insulated attic, tend to melt allllllllll over the place. I was able to save some of the boxes, but the wreath had to be chucked....can you say "STICKY" ooooooohhhhh YUCK!

Everything has a really weird smell to it. I have no idea what that is, but thank the goddess for Fabreeze!!!! I tell you.....If my house EVER gets that OLD LADY SMELL to it, I'm gonna burn it to the ground. LOL

It's bad. But I'm sure most of it was from the fact that my Stepfather had a fear of bathing, and for the last 35 yrs all he ever did was sponge himself off in the basement sink. Is that sick????? I didn't know about that till my sister mentioned that the doctors at rehab told her about it. He didn't ever seem dirty, but I guess I was wrong!!! And WHY, AND HOW did my mother "Mrs. Clean" ever put up with that???????

I guess when you depend on someone to take care of you..... you have to bite the bullet and cope. Women from that generation had no idea how to take care of themselves. And you think with the depression, and lack of TV and appliances, that they would have been totally self-sufficient. But, my mom wasn't. Heaven forbid that her nails or hair became mussed. She went to church 3 times a week, and to the beauty shop at least once every 2 weeks. Never a hair out of place!!!!! Amazing!!


Emerld said...

I know what you mean. My mom's smells gross too. She never opens the windows to air the place out. And never throws food away, just keeps buying more. She lives by herself and has enough food for a family of 8 to eat for a week. Half of it's expired. nasty

Judith said...

Yes, that's it. You know it's weird. My step father is so afraid of being robbed that he has almost all the windows nailed shut in the house, and he refuses to put on the airconditioner!!! Tell you what...if I get like that....SHOOT ME!!!!!!

Mary said...

ohhhh EWWWWWW man oh man.. I will say this.. miss judi im sorry sweets but if you do ever get like that i will shott you.. and goddess help me if I EVER get like that.. please do the same for me.. GROSSSS


Stephanie Campbell said...

I can't explain it either. My mom will hold onto furniture, items, whatever until they're dusty, melted, broken, faded, spoiled, etc... BUT Goddess forbid she misses her hair appointment! And yes, Fabreeze is awesome!