Thursday, August 04, 2005


The need to pick a God or Goddess to worship with your craft is a paramount turning point in your education.

There are thousands and thousands of Gods and Goddess's out there. Some from every region of the earth!!!!

And don't' be fooled by "good and evil" All the Gods were a mixture of good and evil. They all had their faults and phobias..... They are gods you know! LOL

If the one you like is considered "Evil", or cruel by some, that may not be true within yourself. That touch of Evil may be what you need to focus your energy.

Doesn't matter if they are Greek, Swedish, from mythology or just about anywhere. I even know quite a few people who worship the catholic God or Jesus as their chosen one.

After all, Wicca does believe in Jesus and God, we just believe that they are just one of many. For some reason people or the elders felt a need to pull one of the gods out of the rest. Some say it was to give a final judgment on our lives, others say it's just because they became popular...But either way, they are still part of the gods and goddess on this planet.

You need to do research and find one that suits you.

I picked Hertha, because I read a description of her in one of my books, and they described the ultimate "Mother Nature" and something clicked with me. I could see her in my mind, and it was Love. So all these years when I did a ceremony or needed a favor, Hertha was the Goddess that I called upon.

I've noticed a lot of people just call upon the God's and Goddess's in general. This will never give you the proper effect you need for your ceremonies. You can't FOCUS your energies on thousands of deity's. You need the ONE to bring your power into focus, and to concentrate your will on.

I always call upon Hertha first.....THEN add a general appeal out to all the others

So do some research, look on line, or in books and find that ONE God or Goddess who's description hits something deep inside of you, deep in your core...... And from then on, make them the main reason you worship.

It doesn't take long to look around. Put a search on your computer under God's and goddess's or get some books. You will know when you find the one you want to focus on. It will be like a bell ringing deep within your soul.