Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Day at the Beach

Oh goddess!!!! I just spent the most wonderful day at the beach. After all his hot and humid weather, Mary and I decided to go to the beach and enjoy ourselves!!! And we did!!!! The weather was perfect, the water was warm and clear and clean. The sky's were blue, blue, blue. It was fantastic.

Mary is a little afraid of going out too far, since she can't see, so I went back into my childhood, and took her closer to the beach, and we sat in the water like little girls. Giggle it was FUN!!! We weren't deep enough to have to fight the waves, but still deep enough to enjoy them. Giggle occasionally a wave would catch us, and twist us around. LOL Like tops, but it was fun. We sat there for hours, then under the umbrella, then out there again.

Mary was nice and went to the boardwalk and brought us back some nice sausage sandwitches. And some Fresh lemonade. Then I sat and look at the ocean while she built a Merlin, sand castle. How she got those ears to stay up, I'll never know!!!!!!!

I'm only a little burned, and I had enough sand stuck in my bathing suit to start my OWN beach. But it was a truly wonderful day!!!!!!! :sigh: I'm way to tired to do a HAPPY DANCE, but if I wasn't too tired, I would be doing one right now. Giggle


Mary said...

hi miss judi ::smiles and hugs::

WAHT a great day yesterday was... that was sooo much fun!!! ok except for my attempt at getting rid of said sand.. and ending up face first between some mans legs giggles... but other than that.. heheh WHAT a blast!!! a perfect day at the beach we could not have asked for more perfect weather!!! The goddess was definatly looking down on us yesterday and she gave us the most perfect day for the beach... ::smiles:: I had so much fun sitting in those waves giggles an we even some kids that little trick too... giggles it made me so relaxed and I was able to just sit there and enjoy the ocean for the first tiee in years!!!! I do wish that I had my camera so that I could have taken a pictir of my Merlin sand castle giggles I think he would have approved ::giggles an smiles:: donot you?


Emerld said...

Argh! I'm so jealous! In a good way! I love love love the beach. I'm stranded here in Missouri. :::pout:::
I love reading you guy's beach stories and I love how good friends you two are. How nice.