Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I need a facial, I need a vacation, I need a life!!!!!! I'm getting tired of sitting around the house all the time! True, I work on E-Bay ::: no great intelligence needed there ::: and I do hang around a lot with my friends..... Though I wonder sometimes that I NEVER see them on the weekends!!!!!! What's with that? I guess I'm just a weekday friend. LOL But it's true, Saturday and Sunday's I'm usually sitting home, because everyone else has plans...... And It seems I'm never included in them. That sucks!

Maybe it's because I'm not a PEST! I figure if they want to do something over the weekend, they'll call me. I don't interrupt weekends, especially with married friends. But, no one calls. So my weekends are the pits. LOL

But enough of bitching.....Wait, no I'm not done. What is it with men???? I don't understand how stupid they are!!!! If your a man, and you interested in someone....Try showing it sometimes.

And James, Oh Goddess, he's a total loser with women. He has no clue how to handle them, or treat them, or even know what they want!!!! He thinks everyone is just like HIM. He thinks he's going to meet Ms. Wonderful sitting around watching golf and sleeping in front of the TV!!!!!

And all these guys you meet on line, they are so fucking lazy that they want the women to do just about everything.... From calling to meeting. What ever happened to men who SHOWED they were interested, PAYED ATTENTION, COURTED A women???? They are all gone, and dead. LOL Better off alone then with someone who can't get the energy up to pay some attention to you.

Well, I think I'm going on vacation. When my mom's house sells, I'm going to take some of the money and go to Europe!!! Yep, gonna spend money on travel. Sounds good to me. Always wanted to go to England, and maybe Spain, France, the Alps.

You know, once your in England most of the other country's are just a train ride away. So I'm looking at tours. I'm going alone, since I know that no one can afford to go with me, so I'm looking at guided tours. They sound nice. You have everything planned out for you, plus a lot of your meals included, site seeing, shopping, and transportation. All planned and set. So you don't need someone with you to enjoy yourself! I think 2 weeks should do it. I want to see some castles, and country towns, stoneheadge, the alps, so much more!!!!!

I'll need major disposable camera's and extra money to spend, spend, spend. Sounds good to me. Giggle


Stephanie Campbell said...

No, no, no...not a disposible camera! Go for a digital one so you can continue to post pictures from your european travels! Better still, get one of those cell phones with the digital camera so you can click and call, tease about not being there with you! Personally, if I had some bucks to blow, I'd go to Egypt (while it's still there).

Judith said...

LOL the trouble with digital, either you have to have one of thoes with MEGA memory cards, or extra cards.... and x-ray at airport may or may not delete them. Or have a lap top computer you can plug in, if you have the adapter for european electricity....sigh.... maybe I'll just try to remember it all. giggle

Mary said...

Yes but miss judi I have both the laptop and the adaptor ::smiles:: so are you ready to start bribing me giggles mischieviously.... jewelry works reallllllyyyy nicelyy gigglesss