Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Coffee good

here's a picture of just three of the jewery boxes!!! And I'm saying just three, because there were more, but I'm was NOT bringing them home with me! I filled on of the boxes with all the fake pearls and necklaces and I'm giving it to the grandchildren. Morganna and Liz should have a blast dressing up in all those jewels. LOL I kept all the pins ( can you say gaudy!!!!) and I'll sell them on e-bay. Besides that, there wasn't any really good jewerly. I bought Mom some gold way back when, but I didn't see it, so who know what she did with it. Or my sister, who was doing the other boxes managed to pocket them.... But it doesn't matter.

At least I brought some boxes, and a HUGE box of large garbage bags with me. I would guess that we had at least 25 of them filled and ready for the garbage. Thank the goddess Ernie's grandson, Chris was there, so I got him to tote them outside for the garbage. I didn't bother keeping any of the clothing..... My Mom was about 4' 6" tall, and about 90 lbs!!! No one could fit into her stuff. Especially me. Giggle

And her shoes. Goddess Size 5! I don't think there is a woman alive that wears Size 5 anymore!!!! And shoes she had, hundreds of them, hundreds!!!!

I can't even tell you about the attic. I've never seen so much stuff in one space. It's going to take hours up there, and I refused to look in the basement..... I know what's waiting there, and I couldn't hack looking. I'm saving that for last.

Looks like I'll be there every Monday for the rest of the month, and maybe next month too. Until it's all cleared out and ready for sale. :sigh: That's the hard part. Not because I'm attached to the house still, but my father built it, and I'm kinda sad to see it go, but I wouldn't buy it if I could, it's just in too bad of shape. My step-father was a total asshole, and didn't fix anything in years and years.

The only good part of all this is that Chris got my step father out of the house while we were there. I never like him much, and the thought that he would be there was daunting.


Uncle Michael said...

Hi Judi,

I can really relate to this post, I was over 30 when the house I grew up in was sold. I knew it was going to happen, ever since I was old enough to understand the concept that one day my Great Grandmother would be gone, but it did not make it any easier. It is still hard for me to go back to the block, and it is hard for me to keep myself from wishing ill on the new owners. Much easier to give in to the dark side there since every one of my former neighbors I am friendly with have told me that they are a bunch of assholes, LOL.

You are to be commended where I failed, I simply could not cope when it was time for the final emptying. I was in Manhattan catsitting and did not bother to come home and help, let the cousins do it (FITTING as they were no help whatsoever when my mother and I were a two person nursing home for over a decade!!!), I just couldn't cope with the final emptying of all our memories......:-(

I learned a lot from all that. It was simply not right that I loved that house more then the relatives I percieved as taking it away from me for one thing. I can't take back the hurt I caused my Godmother by being so cold and hateful to her for so many years, except to divorce myself of it, which I have done my best to.

LOL, clearly this touched a nerve in me, I had just lightly touched upon the subject on Mary's blog. As I said before, I relate totally, and you have taken the higher road then me on several fronts in this situation.