Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Learning new things

I learned something about my Mother yesterday. My sister and I met at the house to start going thru her stuff, so that the house can be cleaned out and sold.

My mother was a CLEAN FANATIC! I mean Joan Crawford CLEAN. She cleaned all the time, and couldn't stop. Her house was ALWAYS SPOTLESS. When we were growing up, she made us do cleaning that any other normal kids didn't do. We scrubbed, waxed and dusted till we were slightly insane!!

Now my friends know...... I picked up that trait. I try to control it, but sometimes its hard.... Much to the amusement of my friends, who sometimes re-arrange pillows and such just to watch me, and see how long I can stand it before I have to fix them again!!!! I know, it's fun. Giggle, but it drives me nuts. LOL But, I control it!!!!

I stop cleaning, call a girlfriend, and tell her that my mom has taken over my brain!!!! And they talk me down, make me stop cleaning. LOL I works sometimes, but I don't tell them how many times I say it's worked, hang up, and clean till I drop.

If I had only knew!!!!!!! Sure my Mom was clean way past the point of where it's an obsession..... And you know why???? Because she NEVER GOT RID OF ANYTHING!!!! No shit. Eileen and I were there for 5 hours. We got her bedroom drawers cleaned out, her closet, and 1/4 of the living room done!!!!!!! We still have the attic, TV room, dining room and basement and kitchen to go thru.

Everything is under or in everything. Nicely hidden, labeled, in boxes, hidden, but not gotten rid of. I brought home 3 jewerly boxes of JUNK JEWERY. Not nice stuff, she never bought expensive stuff, just beads and such. There was a whole box of FAKE PEARLS. Unbelievable.

You just couldn't understand what I mean unless you saw it yourself. On the outside, the house looks spotless but in the cabinets, under the cabinets, in the closets....There's another story. How she did it, I can't imagine! I think the era she grew up in, the depression, taught her to never get rid of anything, because you might need it. But this was scary!

I'll tell you more later, I need coffee. LOL


Mary said...

::sneaks over to miss judis couch an moves one lepard print pillow to the right just five inches and one rasberry colored pillow to the other side of the couch and the gold colored pillow to the spot where the rasberry colored pillow was... and takes the other lepard print pillow to lay on::

giggles okie ::smiles:: I am the pillow mover that miss judi is talkin bouts ::guilty smile:: but hones uncle michael its theropy! honest ::crosses heart an looks gives you the cute sweet face:: we came up with that one while watching monk one friday night...

She is correct about the cleanin obsession... whenever I need to do a spring or fall cleaning of my house.. I call miss judi... she is just comes over and helps to keep me motivated hehehe because she doesn't stop!!!!

And she is right I have had to tell her KICK your mom out of your head!!! several thousand times!! ::giggles:: but I do know that it doesn't truely work.. because I will talk to her later on and she will tell me that she's totaly wiped out... and I just knowwwww that she did NOT listen to me.... and evict that women from her brain!

I went over to miss judis lastnight and saw said stuff that she came home with... OH MY GODDESS is all I have to say... what in the world anyone would do with that much pearls in one lifetime is beyond me giggles and I am the gemladi!!! giggles


Emerld said...

Come to my house please! LOL

My mom is a mega pack rat cept it's not hidden it's all over and completely out of control. Put one thing down and it's like Where's Waldo to find it again.