Thursday, August 04, 2005

Well I did it!!!!!

My transformation to "CRONE" is complete. LOL I've had red hair for years, and a few months ago I bleached it, and then let it grow out to it's natural color.... which is white as snow. Giggle.

Well today, I did the unthinkable!!! I went to a beauty shop!!!!! Now for thoes of you who know me, that's something that happens only every 20 years or so!!!!! I had them cut all my hair off!!!! Yep real short. I wanted to get rid of all that damaged hair, and the hair with some dye still left in it.

Now all I have it natural. No dyes or color at all except mine!!!! I actually havent' seen my real hair in over 40 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the truth!!!!!!

So now that I'm like this, totaly natural, I will let my hair grow again. I do like it long, so by the end of the summer it should be back to down to my shoulders... but dye free and all me!!! Giggle


Uncle Michael said...

Very lovely, Judi, most becoming!

Now why on earth would you get spanked for that? LOL



Mary said...

WOWWWSERRRR miss judi I love it!!! and yes you nearly did give me a heart attack!!! giggles shes not kidding when she says its like dragging a kicking screaming mule down the road to get her into a buety shop giggles hehehe the hair looks terrific!!!!!


Judith said...

I know! It was so hard to do, but I just held my breath and did it. :sigh: it will grow again, and in the meantime It feels kinda nice. LOL

Emerld said...

Love it!