Sunday, August 07, 2005

Head hanging in shame :(

OK. LOL So I ranted a bit. Giggle. Sorry about that....Guess it was just building up and up and up. Giggle.

I'm much better now. LOL

But needless to say, I'm having a Halloween Party, and while all of you will get an invite....... No way in Hell will they. LOL

It's going to be a "COME AS YOUR FAVORITE WITCH OR WARLOK" Party. On October 29th which is a Saturday. And I'll be sending out e-mail reminders so you all can mark your calendar, then I'll send out paper invites.

And YES you HAVE to come in costume!!! The paper invites actually have a curse written in it for those of you who don't. So if you don't want your dip to curdle, and you chips to go soggy. FIND A COSTUME!!! Giggle

I have a really nice long black Indian dress I picked up, casual but nice, and at shore leave I bought a SUPER long Purple velvet cape with a hood. That's my costume, but just the black dress would have been good enough. Think 'GOTH WITH A TWIST"

There will be "make your own piazza's" and more. I'm also asking every one to bring at least one dish, because sometime people have dietary things, and it's better you bring your own. Also bring Booze...... But if you drink YOUR STAYING FOR THE NIGHT! Do not think I will let you drive, unless you come with someone who does the driving for you. We are also doing some traditional stuff that comes with the holidays. So come prepared to do a circle!!!


Mary said...

::pats miss judis arm in a soothin motion and camly says:: its ok its ok swettie the monsters all gone now giggles LOLOL heheh

seriously though your blog is your blog women.. its your journal you right what you right.. Heck someimes I have ranted on mine!!! ::notes it has gotten me in trouble ::looks over my shoulder for uncle michael and daddy:: giggles but ya know what it is my blog as this is yours and you have the right to your opinions and to right them! no mater what.::