Thursday, July 19, 2007

Feeling like Dr. Who

I saw an outside doormat, at the convention, with a picture of the Tartis on it, and a quote from Dr. Who, that says "it's bigger on the inside!"

I should have bought it!!!! Damn!!!

Some times I feel like I live in the Tartis!!!!! (that's the name of Dr. Who's blue police box that he travels in)

My house is set sideways on the lot. So my BACK door is actually my front door, and my Front door is my side door. If you enter from the driveway, your entering the kitchen, instead of the dinning room, So the house is deceptive from outside.

For the 40th time, one of Matt's friends come over for the first time, and they all say the same thing when they first enter......"holy shit, it's bigger on the inside!!!!!"

Kinda cute I think. My house does seem small from the outside, but inside it's 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, kitchen, dinning room and living room, all nice sizes!

So, I live in the Tartis, who would have thunk it! GIGGLE


Stephanie said...

Yeah, your house really does have the multidementional things going on. It looks small and compact on the outside, but it's roomy and spacious on the inside. AND it manages to still feel cozy and warm. Yeah, it's the Tardis.