Sunday, July 15, 2007

In steps..... shore leave

I'm going to write this in steps, since it's late, I'm exhausted from the ride. But I have to tell you, being a dealer at shore leave rocks!

But first, this evening, before I drop in my bed, I gotta tell you a funny thing.

I LOVE getting a pool side room!!!!!! Nice patio, and smoking isn't a problem, but I don't usually get lucky enough to get one. BOY AM I GLAD I DIDN'T!!!!

Seems, because of some assholes who don't have enough sense to put the security bar down on their door, and then cry because they have been robbed............. they have permanently SEALED THE DOOR SHUT!!!!

Yepper, you can have a pool side room now, but not a patio. Making it really hard for those in the room, since now you have to go like a mile down halls and across patios, to get to a smoking section!!!!!!

They actually sealed all the patio doors, so when I got my room in the back with a patio that overlooks a steep hill, and then the parking lot, I didn't even bother trying the door..... but later I did....... AND IT WASN'T SEALED! Seems they missed mine, even thought all the others connecting mine were sealed.

So I spend some nice time sitting on the patio smoking. GIGGLE

But next year, I'm NOT going to ask for poolside! Since I know from the complaints and yelling that those are sealed shut. GIGGLE

Funny, how a few stupid, greedy people can fuck it up for so many others, and themselves too!!!!!!

Ahhhhh well, tomorrow I'll write more about shore leave. nite nite