Friday, July 06, 2007


GIGGLE got some more stuff to sell at shore leave.

Just little things, like these cute little cauldron candle holders with cut out stars on them, and the inside painted bright yellow,

and wrought Iron candle snuffers, the snuff part is a witches hat, they are long, black, with vines and a bat, then the cute witches hat!

Sooooooo, cute. I know I have tons of stuff already, but some is for under the table, so that as I sell I can refill the table.

So now I have:

1. the secret fuzzy things (still not telling.... nah nah nah)

2. Copper Cauldrons

3. some huge ruby red, and purple crystal clusters

4. mortar's and pestles (wood)

5. the magnets

6. Conch shell snudgers

7. assorted tiny wood boxes

8. other assorted candle holders, in gem tones, and some of gold with star cut outs

I think that's plenty, hopefully I'll sell most of them and not have to cart it all back home. GIGGLE