Thursday, July 19, 2007


Geeeeze!!!! I only got one plant this year, because in the past I've been bombarded by tomatoes. And it's a SMALL plant, not tall, just sort of short and chubby........ and it's still giving me 20 million freaking tomatoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did get these tomatoes for a reason, small and oval they have the highest amount of vitamin C..... higher then 10 oranges for one tomato!!!!!!

Should have know better. I have some kind of weird talent with tomatoes.

They just seem to love me, and I treat them bad you know, (it's funny that tomatoes and men are the same, the worse you treat them, the more they want to please you!) I don't talk to them, and forget to feed and water them.....but they just keep producing like mad!!!!!!

So I'm back to adding tomatoes to EVERYTHING!!!!

The blueberry's are producing tons! If I would give them a chance to grow and then pick them all at once............ but NOOOOOOOOO, I go out every morning and pick all the ripe ones, and scarf them down in seconds. YUMMMMMMY

So far, we've eaten one Artichoke, and 2 eggplants, and finished all the snap pea's.

The horseradish will be dug up in the fall, and stored for future use. can't grate too much at a time, it doesn't last long.

All in all, good gardening year!!!!!!


Stephanie said...

They look yummy!