Sunday, July 08, 2007


I know, I know, you hate my guts....... but I'm already late in starting my shopping.

I found starting in the summer, SPREADS OUT, the amount of money you spend....... so you can buy more stuff. And afford the stuff you buy!

I heard from my sister that Rag Shop's were closing all over, for good, and I ran, and I mean ran down to the store to hit up on the big 50% off sale!!!!!!

So far I've gotten both girls huge doodle bears, but they use glow in the dark ink, and the bears themselves have a light inside to glow. Cute

Got 2 gifts for Barb, 2 for Jamie, and a few for people I haven't decided on yet.

Besides that I got 3 huge wreaths! My old ones have bit the dust. One is for spring, pretty, one is for Christmas, and the other is just like a boxwood hedge type greenery, without decorations so that I can do a fall one.......... they were all out of the decorated fall ones..... so I decided to do my own.

And Christmas lights for outside, they are in a set of 10, (I got 2 sets) and they are candy canes, about a foot long. I think it'll look fantastic hanging from my arbor at Christmas.

Plus some nice bronze glittery poinsettia's for using in decorations........... and a bunch of other stuff. COOL!