Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Teaching Witchcraft

I've had several requests about teaching witchcraft to someone.... since I was born into it, they figure ..... who better? And I agree.

But I'm not perfect, and a lot of it is self study, finding your way, finding the path that suits you the best.

If you are being taught by someone, there are rules:

1. you MUST study for a year and a day

2. you MUST read as much as you can

3. you MUST honor your teacher, and do what they tell you too

4. and as a final test, your teacher will have you cast a circle, real time, salt pentagram and all, have you sit in the circle and initiate your power............ IF THIS HAS NOT HAPPENED, YOUR NOT A WITCH!

Sometimes a teacher will wait up to a year before asking you to do that..... it's a sort of a test to see how you handle your craft. If you can't handle it, the teacher with do the rest, and refuse to give the last test. HAVE YOU HAD THE LAST TEST?

If you don't make the year and a day, your not a witch.

If you do something that is totally disagreeable, or wrong, your teacher CAN remove your privilege to be a witch.

You may think your still one, but your not, your just a wanna be with little or no power.

Removing privilege is a Big thing, and I've done it more then once. What happens is that you my continue to practice, but everything you do, is doing absolutely NOTHING Every spell or circle you cast, is giving you bad karma and luck.

This is only done, if the teacher is sure that your not ready, or that your using witchcraft in the wrong way, or if they believe your so filled with ANGER and HATE, that your a menace to everyone.

Having past anger, and holding it forever in your heart, is NOT the wiccian way. If you can't let go of your anger, if you can't cope with the past, and move on....... you can't practice without hurting yourself time and time again!!!!

Closure is the way of the craft, anger, hate, no matter how much you were hurt, ISN'T! Move on, forget the past, forgive the person, or people, and clear your aura.

Learning a religion, does not give you the right to be a BAD person!!!!

It gives you the right to become a GOOD person! To find you way past your past and onto a wonderful future.

If this happens to someone, OK, everyone makes major mistakes, but the person doesn't go blithy on, and on, figuring that they are fine, and the teacher is an idiot.

The only way to stop this is two fold. Find the problem with your anger or bad feelings..... and LET IT GO!


Say out loud, scream it to the sky...........I FORGIVE YOU, and I forgive myself for all the hate I've been holding inside, and I promise to turn my life into good, and follow the path of peace.

And anytime you allow that hate to creep into your mind, scream your forgiveness again, and again, until you are truly saying the truth in your heart and mind.

And most important..... you have to STOP making excuses for your behavor, stating it's all because of this thing, or person, or people, because no one but YOU can make you act the way you do!!!!!

And second you have to find another teacher, admit that you went wrong, and want to try again, and do so for another year and a day, THIS TIME without fucking up, and doing wrong.

And one last warning. NEVER MESS WITH YOUR TEACHER. She or he holds all you are and will be in their hands. They are the final judge of your need, willingness, and wanting to become a witch.

They are the only one allowed to judge you in this way. And they are the only one allowed to take it all away, and banish you from the craft.

You have to remember, a teacher gives up his or her power for that time that they are teaching you. They can't do spells, or anything, not even simple protection spells. So they are open to all kinds of bad luck.... just for you! So they must trust you, and love you to make such a HUGE sacrifice to teach you.

And if your incapable of getting along with your teacher, or if you don't trust them, or if you have bad opinions of them, find another. For you have to trust your teacher with all your heart and soul, without that, you can't learn or grow to become what you should be.

And if none of this helps, become a catholic, or a Christian. They won't judge you, or find you wrong.