Friday, June 20, 2008

About the bee's dying

Case in point..... like my past story said about the bee's disappearing and the reasons for it.

My lavender is in full bloom..... I have sooooooooo many bee's buzzing around the patch of lavender, it's hard to get close enough to water the plantings!!!!!!!!

The smell is the thing! You breed plants without scent, and the bee's go away.....Without the food the plants provide the bee's die!

lavender is strong scented... and it seems the bee's are coming from MILES around to feast.

So, if you want to save the planet, make sure the plants you plant have scent to them!!!!

Don't plant all those hybrids, that look pretty, but have no smell. I know they say bee's are attracted by color, but I think it's the scent that calls them to feed.

And all I can say is that my bee's are HAPPY CAMPERS!!!!!