Saturday, June 14, 2008

The weekend

Jamie, my daughter, came up this weekend... with Brian (the new boyfriend) Morganna, Elizabeth Page, and the new baby Joshua.


We went crabbing again..... I'm telling you this warm weather has the crabs biting

like CRAZY!

Only this time I didn't keep any, I sent them home with Jamie to PA. She loves crabs even more then I do.... if that's even possible.

But I'm telling you I'm going back Monday or Tuesday to get some of my own!

After crabbing I took them down to the beach, and they did a little swimming.... not much, because they wanted to make it back home, they weren't spending the night. And played a few games on the boardwalk.

I'm sunburned, and wind burned, and I smell like crabs!!!! I'M A HAPPY CAMPER!!!!!!