Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quiet? What's that?

Did I mention how quiet it is here?

Well not lately. Seems that some nasty crows decided that they were going to have some fun, and harass a Blue Jay family in the tree across the street!

Blue Jays are ferocious protectors of their area...... and they have a war cry that is shrill, never ending, and LOUD!!!!!

The war has been waged for 3 days now. And even after the crows give up, (after being chased, and dive bombed by the little blue bird a 1/3 their size) the blue jays are so pissed, they scream at anyone that even comes near their tree, and dive bombs them away!!!

So far every morning it goes on..... now I could run out there and chuck rocks at those annoying birds..... but I'm too nice for that..... besides I've seen them in action.... and I DON'T want to be their next target!!!!!

Hopefully soon the Crows will stop being idiots, and leave them alone!!!!