Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Project


As you can see from the picture below, I spend a great deal of time stringing string, tying bundles of herbs together, and then tying them to the strung string! Yeash, makes my tongue tired just trying to say that!!!! I want to install a line that will remain all year round, and is much stronger so that nothing falls down.

It would be great to have some wood cloth pins to clip the bundles to the string.... but unfortunately I can't find them!!! I think I used them all up.

Most herbs are dried in the fall, but this year I wanted to dry the lavender flowers. I usually just dry the foliage..... it still smells like lavender, but the flowers have a smell that's 10 X stronger!

By the way, herbs are cut in early morning, or dark of night.... never during the day, they aren't as potent when you do that!

So I did my first picking of the flowers this evening. I hate to cut all the flowers since they looks so beautiful outside, but I got quite a bit without making the outside looks too sparse.

In just a few days they will be dry, and I can make bags of them for putting in my drawers, or make lavender tea, bath bags, or many, many other things.

In the mean time my WHOLE house will smell of lavender, it's sooooooo wonderful!!!

In the fall I will be drying lavender leaves, and lots of rosemary for cooking. I have to make sure I have a ton of Rosemary, I'll even have enough to give some to Steph for her kitchen. Plus rosemary bags are fantastic for the bath! Rosemary kills germs and helps skin blemish's clear up. It's an astringent.

Things You’ll Need to make Lavender tea:

Dried Lavender Blossoms
(no stems or leaves)
Black Tea
Tea Pot
Hot Water
Tea Ball

Making the Tea

Step1 Add hot water to tea pot.
Step2 Place dried lavender in to a tea ball and it and the tea bag to the water.
Step3 Bring to boil.
Step4 Remove from heat.
Step5 Let steep for five minutes.
Step6 Remove tea bag and tea ball. Serve hot or iced.