Monday, June 09, 2008


I wish the Goddess wouldn't take me so literally some times! Yes, I did say I was tired of my toes being cold all the time, yes, I did say I wished summer would come..... but PLEASE!!! A heat wave in JUNE!!!! Come on goddess!!!!

It is sweltering out. Heat index is hitting over 100 degrees each day!!!!

And no, I'm not that uncomfortable, after all I do have central air conditioning.... so I'm actually quite cool..... and my freeking toes ARE STILL COLD!!! But for another reason all together..... geeeeeeze. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

I know they say it's only going to last till Wednesday, and it's already Monday..... but this sneak preview of summer was just plain mean!

Actually if it wasn't for the humidity, it wouldn't be bad. I can take the heat, if the humidity is low.... but with a Bermuda high (that's what they call it) the humidity is very high. It's like breathing super heated water.... YUCK!!!

Good points are..... I know my central air conditioner is working fine...... I also had the air conditioner in my car fixed (and it works good, so no sweating in the car).....the plants seem to love it (nutso plants)..... and it is going to end soon.... that's about it! GIGGLE

The bad things are.... my windows remain shut (I hate that!).... and going outside IS NOT an option......and that's about it......

So I'm going to grit my teeth, wear less clothing, and cope, cope, cope! GIGGLE

Just checked our outdoor thermometer, and it's 110 degrees!!!! and it's 8:35 in the morning!!!!! It is in the sun right now, so maybe that's why it says it's so hot, but still GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!