Saturday, June 07, 2008

Learning from your parents

You know, growing up, your parents do things that sometimes you just don't understand...... until you get to that point in life when you say..... OH FUCK! THAT'S why she did those things!!!!!

I'm learning. The first I learned a long time ago, I couldn't understand why my mom left the lights off or on really dim all the time..... I figured that out after I had kids, and I realized that I spent so much time when the kids were baby's with the lights out (not wanting to wake them up) that I developed very good night vision!

I could go from my bedroom to my kitchen, warm up a baby bottle, and back to the kids room, and feed them in the dark, as not to hurt their eyes with bright lights....... and it just became second nature to me. I can basically go all over the house at night, in pitch black, without bumping or walking into walls. And except for an occasional stepping on the cat (black cat, no lights... not good! GIGGLE) I do just fine.

Now with the energy crunch, and not having much money.... I GET another thing!!!

My Mom always had the curtains closed in the summer. I, on the other hand LOVE sunlight... and always left mine wide open to let the sun in.

Now, with the high bills for cooling..... I realize that leaving the curtains closed, while leaving you in dim light, also keeps the house cooler!!!! WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK IT! DUHHHHHHH

Ahhhhhhh growing up is a VERY slow process.

So now my curtains remain closed. During the winter when I want to rooms to heat up, I'll leave them open. But for this summer, closed curtains, cooler rooms.... perfect!

Wonder what else I'll come to realize.... because campers, my mom did some weird things while I was growing up.... weird then, but I'm getting it now.

The one thing I still can't do is keep the windows closed.

I get that that was also to keep the cooler air in, and keep the house cooler during the day...... but keeping all the windows closed makes me claustrophobic. So even though the air condioner is on, I keep like the kitchen window open a bit, and my bedroom window also.

I know she was right..... but her house SMELLED!!! That funky old lady smell that house's get..... and I'm not going to let that happen here! Though with the invention of "fabreez" I don't think that will be much of a problem, just spray away the smells. GIGGLE