Sunday, July 20, 2008

The best part of summer

July is the best part of summer. Most of the flowers are still in bloom, those that look sooooo pretty will be dead in the August heat, but for now, very pretty!!!!

My lavender and Rosemary bloom in July, and the pansy's, while now struggling with the heat, still look pretty good.

But all in all, it's been a HORRID July. Sweltering heat, major HUMIDITY!!!!! But that's how it goes. Some years the weather can surprise you major. In my years, I have noticed, that when July is HOT HOT HOT, usually August is MUCH cooler.

We will see though. I have to admit that while sitting in side in the air conditioning, I am thinking fondly about Fall, the cool crisp nights, and warm days..... SIGH......

GIGGLE I waited SO LONG for the summer, it's a shame it's spoiled by all this humidity.

I can take the heat, but when you go outside and it feels like your breathing underwater...... that I can't take!!!!

Still, I look at the pretty flowers, and shudder slightly thinking about the cold weather coming....... wish there was a place to live that was always.... summer, spring and fall.... but NEVER winter. GIGGLE