Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shore Leave

Ahhhhhh, I had to take a salt bath to clear my aura, and a few days to let the rest of my resentment flow away before I report on shore leave.

FIRST the good things

As you can see from the picture above our patio door wasn't sealed. We had the last room on the pool side, and it was nice! The door opened right up, and we could sit and smoke and enjoy.... while most of the other rooms didn't open, and people were very jealous of ours. And while I'm being bad.... it was fun!

I had a nice time over all. The weather was fine, and I got to get to the pool at least twice, and the hot tub once. Relaxing.

And then the convention people put our table next to the BIGGEST WITCHCRAFT STORE IN VA!!!!! But even that was good, because they had really COOL stuff, and I enjoyed talking to them!!!

I did sell some stuff, but not a huge amount. The people just weren't there! It was pretty lame the amount of people there...... if there was another convention going on at the same time...... or just that people were losing interest in Star Trek, I don't know.... but it was a very quiet con.

And not ONE GOTH PERSON!!!!! Were they were, I have no idea, but usually they mob the con, and they were all missing.......I only sold 2 pieces of piercing jewelery!!!!

Now the bad part. When I got home, I checked my stock list, and LOTS of stuff was missing!!!!!!! You have to understand... I NEVER left the table unattended!!!!

If I was getting lunch, or smoking, Eileen was there. So where did all the stuff go?????? I have no idea

But I've cleansed it, and it's gone..... my aura is calm now.

But this is the last convention.

But, good again, I have a list of OTHER cons, and I may try selling at them... why not, it's worth a try!

My sister