Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I HATE grocery stores!!!

Right now I'm measuring out Merlin's cat food, by dribs and drabs...... yes, he's running out, and that means I have to go to SHOP RITE to get some more.

Why SHOP RITE? It's the closest. To go to Shop and Stop I have to go almost to the bridge, and Food town, just plain sucks.

But going to SHOP RITE, is even WORSE!!!! It's always filled to the brim with old people!!!! Masses, and masses of them. Walking R E A L SLOW! Stopping in the middle of isles, and not moving!

Blocking the whole store with their carts and walkers..... and then when you finally get to check out........... Oh GODDESS ARE THEY FUCKING SLOW!!!! And they argue that coupons 20 years old are still good, and they count out change one tiny penny at a time!!!!


All I need is ONE BAG OF CAT FOOD!!!! And I can guarantee, with the bus loads of senors that are dropped off there, that I'll take me at least an hour or two..... just to get that one bag of cat food!!!!!

So, I'm putting it off, and hoping Merlin eats slow! Sigh, but I'm going to have to do it sooner or later...... maybe later..... much later..... sorry Merlin.