Thursday, July 31, 2008

Continuing old people story

So, this morning I HAD to hit the grocery store, or Merlin would be starving..... and that's a bad thing....GIGGLE

I left the house at 7am, figuring it was too early for most of them, and I was right!!! The store was almost empty, I ran, grabbed the stuff I needed and then ran up to the "10 item or less" register.

Only 2 old men in front of me!!!!!! YIPPPPPPIE The first had a few things, but the guy in front of me had only a box of muffins.

Well the nice, patient cashier rang up the first guy...... and when he was done, the old guy proceeded to pull out of 4 DIFFERENT POCKETS.... tons and tons of change!!!!!!! Then he stepped back, and made the cashier hunt thru all that change and add it all up .......... to pay his bill!!!!!!!!


Now I've been there before, where it's the end of the month and all I have is some change to buy stuff, but this was a LOT of stuff, over $30 dollars that the poor cashier had to hunt for and find!!!!!!

If you have that much change.... take it to the bank, and get the paper money!!!!!

FINALLY, he was done, and proceeded to walk out... WITHOUT HIS GROCERY'S!!!! The Cashier had to run out of the store with the bags and grab him!!!! SIGH

Down to the last guy..... just a box of muffins...... Already on line for almost 45 minutes... with just the two of them in front of me........

AND PRESTO, the guy with the muffins, proceeded to go thru his pockets, pulling out change, by the hand full. ARRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Needless to say, by then I wanted to reach out and strangle that asshole.... and the bad thing was that when I got on line, I did the NICE thing, and let him go before me.... because he had only one item!!!!!



Mary said...

GACKKK oh my god! I think I woulda had to pinch somebody I swear! I don't know how you didn't bite at least one of them! holy crap! your a better women then me giggles