Monday, July 21, 2008

Gardening work this morning

YIKES!!!!!!! I thought I would go out early this morning while it's still COOL.....But NO FUCKING WAY IT WAS COOLER!!!! This heat is just brutal, humid, and UNENDING!!!!! But, I still went out and cut off the nice bunch of Jalapeno pepper's I grew on a tiny plant. I cut them up and froze them for later.

Then I went and plucked the Basil.... both pineapple and lemon basil, and they are in the sink draining.... being prepared for freezing also.

It's always nice to freeze things for the winter. This winter I'll open the package of basil and enjoy the scent of summer.... and also make yummy tomato sauce!!!

This morning I also sliced up some of the extra, totally abundant, eggplant and froze them for winter consumption too.

Of course, right now, I'm hanging over the aircondioner vent, panting, and trying to get cool air into my lungs.

Goddess!!!!! Please let this unending heat end soon!!!!!!!