Sunday, July 27, 2008

Busy weekend

Steph came over this weekend, and we had a welcome home party for Jinx..... I'm exhausted!!!!! Not from what Steph and I did, but from trying to keep our little people out of trouble!!!! But we failed.... Hay, we have to sleep some time, and they don't!!!!

We tried to supervise them, but they were having soooooo much fun, it was impossible.

But on a good note, Spike from Buffy came also, and Jinx and he hit it off big time.... romance is in the air! GIGGLE

Besides tiny little beer bottles and clothing were strewn all over my living room. Did you know condoms came in doll size..... coooooool!

I'm glad they had a good time. Because Steph and I had a nice time too.