Saturday, July 05, 2008

I'M READY!!!!!

OK, I'm ready, at least I think I am.

Got my stuff to sell all packed, priced and ready in the cart.

Got most of my suitcase packed. (how hard it is to pack 1 pair of slacks and some tops.... geeeeze)

Found my driving directions to Shore Leave (you think.... after once a year for 30 years!!!!!! I would remember!!!!!!!! Not a chance!!!!)

All I need to do is hit the bank for gas money..... and then make my food for the trip.... Just some salads and stuff to bring with me since I know what they have there, and most of it I can't eat...... and I'm done......

Not terribly enthusiastic, as usual, but I'm going anyway.

Hopefully the first time selling was a learning experience, and I've got what people will buy this year.

But either way, I think it's my last year...... all my friends have moved away, and/or stopped coming, so it's getting kind of boring.

What fun is a convention, when I don't have anyone to "play" with????? Sigh