Monday, July 21, 2008

My new Dollie is here!!!!!!!

I have now entered the world of BJD's (or Ball Joint Dolls) My new little girl arrived this morning!!!!!!

I would like to introduce "Jinx"

"Hi everyone" she shouts and waves.

And NO, get it out of your head that this is one of the expensive dolls!!!!

Jinx is only 12 inches tall, she has panted eyes, and she only cost $6.99!!!! But she is fully articulated, with all the joints of the more expensive dolls.

Unfortunate, she can't wear barbie clothing, because she has a regular figure, much more proportioned then barbie, and big boobs too!! GIGGLE

Hay, everyone has to start somewhere, don't they???

I do love her!!!!

Steph picked out the name, and I think it fits her.

Think of her as my "training" doll. When I can afford the more expensive ones, I'll go for it, but for now.... Jinx is perfect!