Monday, February 15, 2010

Facebook Junkie

I have to admit not being a techno geek. I don't have a cell phone (and after seeing my friend get a HUGE tumor removed.. that they call a "cell phone" tumor... I will never get one!)

I love my computer, and I blog, and surf the web and do all sorts of things with it... but that's about it.

Till my bestest friend wrote me and told me to join facebook. WTF is facebook????
But he told me too, and I figured I might try it!


So many friends that have moved away over the years... found me... and now we can catch up, and talk, and I know what they are up too now! It's a joy!!!!

I used to go to Star Trek conventions with a ton of friends, then they started moving to different states, for work and stuff, and I have to admit missing them a great deal..... now they all found me on facebook!

And we talk and chat, and leave messages to each other... what fun!

Even a bunch of people from High School found me!!!! (unfortunately most of them had become religious nuts... and I had to delete them... but it was good catching up at least) It was funny, cause we never talked religion back then, and a whole group of them turned out to be Jehovah witness's (posting shit on my site?? NEVER! I will delete you ass! giggle) Some became pastors of Church's...etc. I never knew my home town was sooooo religious!!!

But it's still such fun to find out where and what everyone is doing that I lost touch with.

Of course, I don't show my birth date, but I did put my High School, and home town, and maiden name there.... that's how they find you.

Now I'm a facebook junkie!!! I go on site a ton of times a day... just to hear what everyone is doing, and leave comments on there sites.

So, If your missing old friends....TRY IT! You might like it, and if you don't.... just stop checking it.

And if your there, go click on my button and join me! I would love to see you there!


VintageSage said...

Oh yea...been on it for awhile now...and don't EVEN get hooked on Farmville. You will be hooked forever!! I have already fallen down the black hole on that one. LOL