Monday, February 01, 2010

I'm ashamed!

I do such stupid things sometimes. I finally went out to the shed, I had a tote I needed to put away, and while I was there, figured I'd bring in THE suitcase.

The one I always take to Con with me. I know, it's not till July....but I was out in the shed anyway, so why not?

When I got it in the house I noticed it was heavy? what did I do? Forget to unpack two years ago?? No, it was worse!!!

Two years ago I was a dealer at the Convention... when I came home, I took out my clothing, but for some strange reason.... I left my Money box in the suitcase!!!! And stuck it in the shed!!!!

The good news is, I had an extra $40 bucks to go shopping with!!! The bad news is, I could have used that extra money over the last year! SIGH

This year I swear I'll clean out the suitcase, and keep it in the house!!! really! No, really, I mean it!!!

Over the years I've found food left in the suitcase, wet swimsuits (check that out after a year in there....there was strange fungus abounding!)

Also, tickets, and stuff I bought at the con.... but Money... never!

At least it wasn't something gross like that swimsuit!!!!

Now you can see why I start getting ready so early. I'm not the most organized person in the world! Giggle So, I start preparing early and this makes sure I don't forget anything.... I know, real anal, but with my memory it's better safe then sorry! GIGGLE

Now I start preparing.... Things to go in the suitcase:

First aid stuff (you wouldn't believe how you can hurt yourself when your tipsy!)

Sewing kit (at least safety pins!!! we won't talk about the snapped bra feascal of 2001!!)

All meds. Tylenol, and bennadryle...stuff like that

Then I start planning the clothing...shall I go sexy, or business, or relaxed, or a little of all of them...this can take a while cause I like to bring new clothing with me (not those t-shirts with grease stains on my tits!)

Should I get a new bathing suit? Or take the comfortable well worn one?

Always bring a pillow, and an extra blanket too. should I pack them, or just carry them?

FOOD! With my allergy's it's best to bring most of my own food, and just eat in my room....

and sometimes go to the restaurant in the hotel for coffee, and to hang with my friends.

(now the hotel has a restaurant, a bar menu, and a Pizza Hut right inside!)
Oh they

also have a breakfast buffet, and usually a Sunday brunch buffet... so foods always around...better to bring my own, and not be tempted and wind up with an allergy attack!!!

So, I need an ice chest... my old one died... so have to find a new one... must be easy to carry since the hotel has steep stairs going from the parking lot to the rooms.

And I need new ice packs... you know those blue thingies.

So as you can see, it takes LOTS of preparation.

And last of all.... doing all this keeps my mind occupied during those last horrible months of winter!!!!!


halloween spirit said...

Money is definitely better than old food and wet bathing suits!