Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm alive!!!!

After 54 inch's of snow.... I'm alive, still here, warm, and major depressed!

My son finally called his friend who lives by us and told him to get his ass over here and DIG HIS MOM OUT!!!!

And 5 minutes later the guy showed up and dug out my car, and a path to my front door!!!

That's how afraid they are of my son!!!! GIGGLE They wouldn't have thought to do it by themselves, but the "boy" says "do it!" and they come running!!!

So today I'm going to run out and get more food, and hope this next snow isn't as bad as the last one!!! I feel like a rat trapped on a sinking ship!!!!!!

I've never been good at being contained!!!! I need my freedom, even if I don't go anywhere.... I just need to know that I can!!!!!

So I'm finally FREE!!!!!! At least for now, since they are saying more snow is coming!!!!!

I'd love to go out and take "pretty" pictures of the snow...but after 54 inch's in one week.... it ain't so pretty ANYMORE!!!!!


Mother's Moon's Message said...

I so understand how you feel... yet am glad to hear you were finally dug out.. I had been thinking about you... hope you next bout is not as bad... take care.... love you picture...

Laura said...

I think I am the only person who is still in love with snow. We got another couple inches last night, but the stuff from last week had mostly melted away. I've never experienced 54 inches of snow and would love to. Enjoy your outing and be safe.