Monday, February 08, 2010

My driveway

Notice the little path for the mailman, and by my car.... the rest I just left! couldn't lift it, and too sore to try!


Mother's Moon's Message said...

goodness you all got alot of snow..don't blame you for leaving the rest behind.

Judith said...

and that's after 2 days of melting, and me stomping around it in anger!!!!

Suzie said...

You don't shovel what you absolutely have to. Anyone who needs to have every speck of snow removed has nothing better to do, in my book. As long as you have a clear path for people to walk, and to drive your car in and out without getting stuck, you have the important things done.

I hope that you won't get hit again. We're supposed to get another 12 - 16 inches of snow, starting tonight, and thru tomorrow night, but that is a whole different storm. .still snow though! lol

Take care,