Monday, February 01, 2010

To be done with it


There are times in our lives when we become burdened with worrying.

We spend so much time worrying that we never come to solving the problem.

Sometimes we have past hang-ups that prevent us from moving towards more positive lifestyles.

This little spell is to help us put an end to these ruts and problems in our lives.

Needed: Ashes from burned paper, Jar or bowl to hold the ashes

Moon Phase: Waning Moon

Locations: Outdoors

Write down on the paper all your worries and problems, everything that is bothering you, ie: lack of money, worry too much, a person, place, or idea.

place the paper in a heat proof bowl. Using a pin,Prick your finger, and drip 3 drops of blood onto the paper with all your worries.... and say:

Bad blood be gone, good blood remain!
Then burn the paper!

Gather paper ashes the day of the spell and place in a glass jar or open bowl.

During the day, hold the jar or bowl and visualize all your worries and/or hang-ups pouring from your 3rd eye and heart and into the ashes.

When the night falls, take the ashes out to your yard, Field, woods, or parking lot.

Hold the jar or bowl in your hands and do one last pouring out of
your worries and hang-ups. Now say:

"You are ashes, And to ashes you shall return."

Pour the ashes out of the jar or bowl and walk away without looking back.
When you've returned home be sure to wash out the jar or bowl.

Burn some incense, take a bath, or light a candle, and refocus. It is done.


Mother's Moon's Message said...

Hey judith you think this would work on the ice... just kidding... I love your contributions such as these.... they are always helpful...

The Frog Queen said...

Thanks for this one. I have tried variations...I think the last one involved a hallowed out egg if I remember. This sounds more focused (for me) - thanks for sharing.


Michelle said...

I haven't heard of this one. I may definitely try this with this waning moon! Hope all is well, Judith!