Tuesday, February 02, 2010


(not the real plants)

I found the perfect tomatoes seeds at Lowes today! Very hard to find, Rutgers tomatoes!

They were actually developed in NJ at the University my son is going to..... so they are perfect for NJ gardens!

I also got starter soil, and little peat pods. Tomorrow I will sow my seeds on the window sill..... starting them inside always works much better then if you buy them.

And it gives you the option to still buy them if they don't grow. GIGGLE

Of course, the picture above isn't one of the actual plants....... but I will start taking pic's as they start growing.

And show you all the other things I've started on my window sill, including Dill, and a stray avocado pit that is growing like a weed!

I had to mention that the Frog Queen sent me these wonderful "magic pumpkin seeds"!!! I'm sooo excited to start them growing on my window sill also!!! I'm going to give them free access to my garden, and let them roam all over the place!!!!


Mother's Moon's Message said...

I started some of my seeds a bit back and they are sprouting up wonderfully... Enjoy yours

Rue said...

Must go to the garden store now and get seeds! I can't wait!!!!