Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shopping treatments for winter depression

My income tax came, only took 2 weeks, and that's a record! So I decided to do some shopping. Big Lots advertised this set for a sale Saturday morning... and I was there when the store opened!!!! Good thing I did, cause they only had 4 of them in stock!!!!!! I grabbed mine and ran chortling all the way back to my car!!

Unfortunately, till the end of next week... in my car it will remain.... Matt will be home for Easter break, and he can take it out and put it together for me. Not that I could put it on the patio now... It's STILL, AND ONCE AGAIN... covered with 3 feet of snow!!!!!!!

I have to re-arrange my whole patio to put it where I want it, but that will be fun!!!!

I also hit every store between Big Lots and my house!!!! Didn't buy anything... but it felt soooooo gooooooood to get OUT!!!!!

I still need to buy a power washer.... once I had someone power wash my patio... I'm hooked!!!! It looked so clean and pretty! I know, I know, I'm a clean freak... but it looked so nice! GIGGLE

Now, my birthday's just a few days away, and I'm planning on getting myself something nice.... when I decide what.... I'll post it!


Rue said...

So happy you got out - and what a great deal on a patio set!

Happy almost-birthday!!!!!!!