Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Gathering, and getting ready

I've been going around the house, checking all my gardening stuff, getting ready.

I picked some wonderful Coleus bulbs at Lowes. Got a bag of mixed, so they should make a nice planter.

Found all my Marigold seeds, and money plant seeds that I had stashed in jars all over the house.

My tomato's are coming up in the window, ditto for the pumpkins and dill. I also picked up a super cute Blue glazed strawberry jar.. complete with strawberry plants... and that is also starting in the window.

Thank the Goddess for things to do, and get ready... since this horrible winter has given me such a bad case of Cabin Fever!!! I can feel the fever retreating as I look around and start planing my garden!!!

Once Matt is home next week, I'll have him put up the patio set, and help me move stuff around the patio. I have to move the swing and the fire place.. but need help with that.

Also he will have to help me put the Figs and palm trees outside, since the planters are way to big for me to carry.

As for the rest, like the blueberry's, lavender, sage, and gooseberry's... they will stay were they are... they are happy, and I don't want to move them!

Need something for the Cauldron, don't know what yet.... and this year I'm planting Geraniums again... but a bunch of different colors.. Not just the red!

Also got a Sheppard's hook to hand something pretty from... and since the canopy on the swing ripped.... I'll leave the bars, that held the canopy, up and hang plants from it... so I need a lot of hanging baskets!


Rue said...

Oh, I want to plan my garden too! Just not ready yet....