Friday, March 19, 2010

Allergy Testing Update

I mentioned I was on an allergy free testing diet before, but it's been over a month and I figured I would give an update

I started out eating only what I knew I wasn't allergic too, salad, celery, yogurt, and seafood... and that's it. And I've been eating only that for over 2 months!!!!

Each week I've added ONE thing to test it out... and so far I've found a severe allergy to avocados, garlic, spinach, rice, lemons, and oranges.

Now, that's added to my already diagnosed allergy's to Poultry, potatoes, eggs, and wheat of any kind.

I have to admit going weeks between testings, because I just love how I feel, and hate it when I add something and I get sick!!!!

To give you an idea, for breakfast I have a yogurt, and maybe some grapes... Lunch is usually a salad of greens, onions, and cheese, and dinner is some sort of fish, or shrimp.

And that's it!!!!

This week I made a soup from the water I used to boil some clams in, I added carrots, and celery, and shrimp and some more clams. Simple, more a broth then a soup, and I've been enjoying it totally!

Now as for weight, I have to tell you I don't have a scale, and I refuse to weigh myself.... this ISN'T a weight loss diet!

But, I have notice a BIG DIFFERENCE! Last week I had to go buy new underwear... they kept falling down inside my clothing as I was walking!!!! very annoying!!

And my bra's... now I wear a 44D or DD, and I have these "extenders" that I use. A strip of elastic about 6 inch's long with hooks on it... that make the bra bigger... I'm NO LONGER USING THEM! In fact, I'm hooking my bra on the tightest hooks, and may have to go out and buy smaller ones!!!!

Also, My "love" handles have almost disappeared. Giggle, like I told my son, I'm about 2 inch's away from having a waist!!!!!

But the biggest difference is how I feel! My energy is back, I no longer feel sleepy all day, stuffed up, and tired! Without all those foods bothering me I feel like a NEW WOMAN!

I still have more testing to do, and I try to add something every week, but I'm at the point now that I feel so good, I'm actually AFRAID to add anything... I rather just not eat it!

But, the doctor won't stand for that, so a testing I still will go!


Laura said...

Wait, you're allergic to garlic? I think I'd rather be in pain than be allergic to garlic...and rice...and poultry? Wow...
I'm glad your feeling better! Happy Spring!

Steph said...

I knew you had a little vampire in you! ~LOL~