Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sometimes I wonder about myself!

My mind is a strange thing... this is how it works... I went outside this morning to have my coffee... not planning on doing any gardening since I worked all week outside, today I was just going to rest.

Well, I was sitting, sipping my coffee, looking at my cauldron.... I noticed there was no lavender growing in front of the cauldron... to much shade I guess.... so I sat there and looked at it, and looked at it..... and then I got up!

Figuring there would be something in the shed I could find to put in that bare space to jazz it up a little. (cue dirge music!)

Once in the shed, I saw a white porcelain pot from my moms. It was odd shaped, so I kept it, long and oval and deep.... sort of like something you use as a foot bath or something... who knows what it was used for in the 40's!

Then I said to myself... in my mind of course, can't let the neighbors see me talking to myself, can I?

Bare spot in front of the cauldron, large pot... bare spot, large pot....POND!

Yepper... strange mind I have, don't you agree!!!

After spending hours, clearing off the gravel, digging deep down in the sandy soil, I had the proper hole for my pot.

And in it went!

Then I lugged rocks from all over the yard and made it pretty....

then, I thought to myself, I have an old indoor water fountain... Ohhhhhh pump and hose!!!!

Rummaged around the house to find the old fountain (of course hadn't used it in years so it was hidden in the back of a closet!!!

All I needed was something to "spout the water"..... change clothing, run to Lowes... bought pretty blue fishie!

An hour later, sitting at the same table, sipping my coffee (totally cold by now) and hearing the sweet sound of a fountain in my yard!

I'll probably still move rocks and stuff around for the next week or so, but I'm exhausted, my brain hurts, and I'm hungry... so I'll leave it be for now!


Dirgesinger said...

I love this so much! I am living in a flat but I am dying to have a garden!:)

halloween spirit said...

I'm impressed! That process likely would have taken me all day :)

The Frog Queen said...

Very cool project!! You are just a very clever lady!!!


Steph said...

Oh my Goddess! That's amazing! I bow down to your superior creativity Judi!